Internship Wrap-Up

This is the final post for my Outreachy internship! It’s amazing how far I’ve come these past 3 months. I’ve been exposed to new technologies, new ideas, a new level of confidence and I’ve met some really wonderful people. In this post, I’ll be sharing my general experience throughout the period. From fears at theContinue reading “Internship Wrap-Up”

What is next?

Now that the Outreachy internship is about to end, it is time to set new goals and decide what to do next. I hold a bachelor degree in communication and electronics engineering also i hold professional master degree in Embedded System. I have three years experience with software development. Three years ago, i didn’t workContinue reading “What is next?”

Think about your audience

I became an Outreachy Intern under the Mozilla Foundation on the 1st of December 2020, which means, it’s almost a month. My project is “Add Linux touchpad support for desktop zooming”. Let me explain that, The desktop version of Firefox has recently gained support for smooth zooming of a web page’s contents via a pinchContinue reading “Think about your audience”

Everybody struggles!

This blog is to write about the struggles I have been facing while doing my internship with Mozilla Foundation through Outreachy. Struggle is a part of being alive and an important part of being a human! Struggle teaches us how to sypamthize with each other, and eventually, how to understand each other. We always see theContinue reading “Everybody struggles!”

Outreachy Blog: Starting as an Mozilla Intern

Hello everyone, Together with other 53 people from several countries, I was accepted for an internship for the Outreachy December-March round, to work with Mozilla Foundation, on ‘Add Linux touchpad support for desktop zooming’ project. This is Alaa. I graduated as an Electronics and Communication Engineering Bachelor and hold professional master degree in Embedded System. Talking aboutContinue reading “Outreachy Blog: Starting as an Mozilla Intern”

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